Business studies is not only for intelligent students hardworking people can also make great leaders

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Business studies is not only for intelligent students hardworking people can also make great leaders
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Business studies is not only for intelligent students hardworking people can also make great leaders



In today’s setting, business studies is one of the trending segments in the education sector. As numerous opportunities come up in the business industry, most learners are motivated to join this career area. However, most people have associated these studies with intelligent students while leaving out the needs of the less intelligent ones. These are classified under the hardworking segment because they rely on it to compensate for their low intelligence level. These students can make quality leaders as intelligent students do. Thus, it is important to allow them to learn and become better future leaders. Hardworking students possess the ability to make ideas into reality by establishing zeal. This helps them to achieve any goal or objective set on the ground despite numerous fails. Hard work is also attributed to success. As the saying goes, “Hard work can never fail,” these individuals believe in the power of their efforts. Hard work can be grown over time and is a representation of their character. A quality leader is identified through their hard work. Persistence, experience, and soft skills are other critical perspectives that hardworking students rely on to excel in the business industry. The lack of high intelligence should not be a barrier to their journey of becoming iconic leaders globally. They deserve a chance to study to obtain appropriate exposure that opens opportunities for them in the future.  Educational leaders and other stakeholders in the business domain should offer optima support the less intelligent students rely on the hard work components to succeed in the business sector. Therefore, hardworking students can also make effective leaders because they have a high chance of developing commitment, perseverance, implementing ideas into reality, curiosity, and shape their overtime with experience.

Hard work helps in the implementation of ideas into reality

Leaders do not only acquire success through intelligence but hard work. This beats the logic that only intelligent persons can become successful leaders in the modern setting. A leader might possess a high level of intelligence but lack the appropriate tactics to implement an idea within a business. Thus, hardworking students should not shy away from venturing into businesses or being potential leaders because they lack intelligence. They possess a great zeal that makes them thrive in the business environment. For example, if a business experiences a growth challenge, the leader is expected to develop a strategic action that protects its welfare and interests. An intelligent person might have the idea but fail to implement it into reality. On the other hand, a hardworking leader is better placed to utilize this idea for optimal results. If one adopted tactic fails to generate the desired results, a hardworking leader can shift to another approach that encompasses a massive potential for growth and development. A study by Lee and Lee (2015) finds that hard work characteristics act as factors behind an entrepreneur’s exit decisions. If business persons fail to invest their time and efforts in growing their businesses, they are likely to fail in meeting the set milestones and objectives. The business does not become successful, and its sustainability is threatened in the market. This shows the potential for hard work in acquiring success and progressive growth. Therefore, hard work helps students successfully venture and thrive in the business world despite lacking a high intelligence level. Also, hard work never fails.

Hard work is attributed to greater success

The assumption that only intelligent students can succeed in the business world is inappropriate because hardworking learners can also become potential entrepreneurs. Intelligence might fail, but hard work never fails but exposes individuals to potential strategies and approaches to invest in their businesses. For example, in the modern setting, most young people are failing in the business sphere due to the lack of hard work. They feel that they possess the appropriate skills and tactics that could make them successful. However, without hard work, they are likely to face challenges that could demotivate them. According to Mendik, Allen, and Harvey (2015), success is defined as only achievable through passion and drive. Individuals must look at themselves as the source of their failures and success. Today’s business environment is increasingly risky, and most people find themselves in a fix, especially when evaluating crucial business strategies. An intelligent person might have a potential idea at hand. However, the idea might not provide the desired outcomes. The lack of commitment and hard work might challenge that person and, in the long run, fail to thrive in the business environment. However, as for a hardworking person, there is a high chance of being successful due to the desire and drive to engage all solutions that one might have at hand to become successful. Therefore, hardworking students can make quality leaders because they possess what it takes to succeed and thrive in the business world. It is also important to note that hard work can be cultivated over time, unlike intelligence, which is in-born. This provides potential student business leaders with the opportunity to boost their skills.

Hard work can be grown and cultivated

Hard work applies to everyone, unlike intelligence, which is an inborn capability. It can be developed and cultivated over time. A study by Baczko-Dombi and Wysmułek (2015) examined the impact of hard work on success, and the results obtained showed that the number of people who felt that this virtue is useful increased from 38% to 71%. This highlights that hard work is a value that can be grown over time and enable individuals to gain the desired level of success.  Intelligent learners have an advantage because they stand a viable chance of succeeding in the business world. On the other hand, non-intelligent learners can grow their hard work both in the classroom setting and the business world for improved productivity. For instance, through hard work, students can concentrate on an area that they believe will boost their business outcomes in the future. For instance, one can focus and put a full dedication to the creativity and innovation sector. They are likely to obtain essential tips that make them successful in the business industry through hard work. Also, in the actual business field, hard work helps individuals to become creative and innovative. If one strategy fails, they assess and examine other potential ones at hand to ensure that the business thrives. Even though hard work can be grown over time, it is crucial no note that it relies on patience and persistence. Hardworking persons are defined by their persistence, considering the industry is increasingly risky.

Hard work as a proof of character needed for successful leadership

Hardworking people have what it takes to excel in the business environment. As opposed to the assumption that only intelligent learners thrive well in business, hard work is proof of character. Potential leaders strive hard to meet the set milestones and objectives. In both the classroom and the business area, hardworking individuals concentrate on areas that generate significant success levels. For example, a hardworking student is likely to focus on an area that attracts an advantage for them despite possessing lower intelligence skills. In most cases, non-intelligent students place a greater interest and value in key aspects that provide them with an upper hand. They understand their limitations and thus focus on their areas of strengths. For instance, one might focus their time and efforts on visiting various establishments to learn more about their organizational functions, processes, and leadership tactics. They can undertake such an initiative until they gain appropriate exposure to start their businesses. Even though it takes a long time, they remain optimistic in their quest to venture and succeed in the business environment. This shows that hard work is proof of character where potential student leaders invest all their time and efforts in gaining exposure that positions them as successful business leaders. As Mendik, Allen, and Harvey (2015) highlight, drive, and passion makes people excel in the business arena. Hard work is the foundation behind passion as it motivates individuals to become better people. For example, if one has a dream at hand, they work hard to ensure that they fulfill their dream even if it takes ages. Notably, hard work generates persistence.

Hardworking people are persistent

Persistence is one of the greatest virtues that generate success in the business industry. Research shows that success is inclined to hard work (Caliendo, Goethner & Weibenberger, 2020). Persistence is deemed a prerequisite factor in exploiting the business potential in a particular venture and consequently gaining higher levels of success. Intelligent people have the upper hand because they can engage their creative and critical thinking to develop and implement potential solutions for the prevailing issues at hand. However, this does not mean that non-intelligent students cannot become potential leaders in the future since their educational status is likely to disadvantage them. They learn to become persistent in all their endeavors as they work hard to meet the set goals and objectives. Despite facing challenges, hardworking people remain focused until they attain the winning point. In most situations, they are likely to become stuck since they have a lower capacity and ability to make effective solutions. They might rely on a single organizational strategy and build it over time until it produces the expected outcomes. This shows that not only intelligent students should venture into business studies, but hardworking learners can also make effective leaders due to their persistence. They understand that persistence and hard work are the key to success and always aim to accelerate their efforts and build their persistence. Besides, a hardworking student can gain the bare minimum skills, work under intelligent leaders, and build their skills with time.

Experience is the key to successful leadership

Hardworking students can make quality leaders in the future. If a student has a passion for venturing into the business arena and becoming iconic leaders, nothing prevents them from meeting this goal. Commitment becomes a key tool in the passion for successful leadership (Day, 2004). It motivates students to beat all the odds to achieve success. Thus, business studies should accommodate hardworking students and not just intelligent ones. Even though they might not obtain quality educational milestones, this does not mean that they lack an opportunity to venture into this industry. They can work under the guidance of an intelligent person who shapes them to become excellent leaders. For example, a hardworking student can work in a family business to gain the required skills and knowledge. Over time, they stand to achieve excellent business insights that make them successful. For instance, if a hardworking student works in a family business for five years, they build crucial skills and knowledge that accelerate their success. During this time, they can work under an intelligent person to observe their skills to gain exposure. This shows that experience is one of the greatest elements that can shape hardworking students to become future business leaders. Also, hardworking people concentrate on relationship building approaches rather than their intelligence. This is a major element in the business area.

Hardworking people possess vital interpersonal skills

The business environment calls for individuals with relationship building and diplomacy qualities. At times, intelligent people believe that their smart attitude makes them increasingly successful. They are likely to devalue the impact of skills such as relationship building and diplomacy.  However, they still have the upper hand because of their advanced skills and knowledge that enable them to develop creative ideas. Hardworking students’ key domain element is soft skills. These are crucial skills that accelerate success. As Robles (2012) reveals, soft skills are largely needed in the business career world. The study showed that 75% of long-term success in the corporate world relies on people skills (Robles, 2012). The development of interpersonal skills makes it easy for a leader to thrive in this industry. Hardworking people possess these skills, and this makes them an asset in the corporate world. Intelligent students uphold their superiority, and this affects their effective interactions with other team members. For instance, a smart student can lack the basic intelligence skills needed to thrive in a business environment. They believe that their strengths make them powerful and superior in the workplace. As for the hardworking students, they immediately make their way into the corporate arena and concentrate more on their weaknesses. Notably, they value practices that unite them with other fellow workers. For example, hardworking students engage more in teamwork in the organizational setting than an intelligent one. Intelligent people grasp contents quickly and possess high standards that make it hard for them to associate and interact with others. However, hardworking individuals possess all the essential traits as their primary motivation to improve their personal and professional growth as they help others achieve similar milestones. Lastly, hardworking students have a high level of curiosity that positions them as quality business leaders.

Hardworking students possess high curiosity levels

Hardworking students are curious, just like their intelligent counterparts. They are eager to learn more about business productivity and growth. Their desire and passion for succeeding make them become increasingly interested in a wide range of concepts. When they are faced with a limitation, they put more effort into examining effective solutions. They are less likely to give up on their dreams despite failing in one or more perspectives. Hard work is their tool of success, and the inability to develop their curiosity might leave them prone to failure. For instance, upon entry into the corporate area, hardworking students have to prove that they can succeed against all odds. If they encounter a challenge, they become even more motivated and committed to finding potential and lasting solutions. Thus, curiosity helps them meet the goals and objectives they have at hand, irrespective of their lower intelligence level. This characteristic boosts their capacity and ability to become potential future leaders because they believe in success even when faced with massive challenges.


Hardworking students should be allowed to venture into the business world as their intelligent counterparts do. Their low-intelligence level might disadvantage them, but they possess other important traits and abilities that make them potential leaders. However, this does not mean that they need to be sidelined from the corporate world. They possess essential characteristics that make them an asset in the industry. For example, they have admirable soft skills, are committed, and have a drive and desire to excel. The realization that they have lower intelligence levels makes them adopt effective use of their handwork. There is a dire need to offer support to the hardworking students to build their capacity and ability to succeed. Educational stakeholders have a vital role to play in sharpening their abilities in the learning environment. Business leaders should also offer appropriate aid to enable hardworking learners to remain committed to their dreams and aspirations. After all, the experience is the best teacher, and they can become better future leaders through this vital process. Everyone must understand that business studies is not only for intelligent learners but for hardworking students too. The industry should accommodate all students’ needs and welfare as everyone has a unique characteristic that is useful in the business industry.


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